Collaboration in crypto teams is undervalued

Collaboration in crypto teams is undervalued

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I think team collaboration is still highly undervalued, especially in crypto.

And because we’re in crypto, it’a all about decentralization. A thread.

Decentralization of availability

Selecting people that work flexibly to work in crypto is mandatory: 9-to-5 is not feasible, timeboxing doesn’t simply work. Over time, each member will find its best set of availability slots during the day, so that the team seems online 24/7

Decentralization of recruitment

For small teams, each one needs to make use of their network to find new hires. It ensures highest commitment FROM the hire and maximum work environment comfort FOR the hire (= working with people that u already know is good)

Decentralization of product ideation

An explorer/scanner such as Avascan is a collection of data sets displayed in a (more or less) fashioned way. But different data sets and visualizations come from different needs: traders, analysts, developers and general users.

In order to display the most useful data, ideas and general requirements need to come from all the departments: tech, finance, fund management, forensic analysis and so on. Everyone needs to be able to draft product requirements to inform the development pipeline.

Decentralization of responsibility

I think a good team is one where responsibility is distributed from top to bottom, but a GREAT team is one where responsibility is automatically packed, distributed and unpacked throughout the whole team based on time, priority and effort.

This means that both team and individual activities can be reassigned frequently and flexibly with no major disruption. Everyone in tech knows how to do almost anything in tech, and everyone in biz knows how to do marketing, hr or else.

This does not imply that no one is really skilled at just one thing. It only implies that ANYONE (only divided by tech and biz) has a good idea about what everybody else is doing, and can intervene is necessary.

The Avascan team checks most of these points but not all of them. But I think some teams may check them all (maybe some DAOs? Small development teams?).

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