I've always had trouble defining myself.

I think this is a big problem, but I'd like to think to remain with this kind of problem until I'm 30. Not being able to describe oneself is a way to say that you're able to do a bit of anything. Or, at least, to be able to easily adapt to a whole variety of situations.

I don't feel like I was born in 1994, my anagraphic birthyear, but on January 27th, 2014. That was the day I started Tweaknology, a blog about tech and innovation, with a bunch of university mates. That is my first creature on the web.

Tweaknology doesn't exist anymore, but everything I learned of the web, I learned it from experimenting on it. And that's why I need a space for myself on the web. A place to express my thoughts, my feeling and my creative thinking - brutally and egoistically speaking. I often find that my thoughts are positively perceived by the audience that I built over the years.

From a few years now, I intensified my effort in doing research in AI, blockchain and 5G, of which I extensively wrote about in articles on Webnews, the digital newspaper I wrote for from 2015 to 2019.

I worked on the Campus Party italian community creating a network of communities in the italian ecosystem, then on the contents of the digital events.

Since mid-2020, I intensified my efforts in the crypto world, that I tried to enter in 2017 with e-learning classes and mining farms (with the startup DoubleBit). joining and launching [Avascan](https://avascan.info), the prime blockchain explorer for the Avalanche network. Since then, I reached quite the few milestones: 1 million visitors on the website and a plan to become one of the most successful hubs to search data. Think of Google, but for decentralised finance (DeFi).

Here are my thoughts, unlocked.


What I'm Working On

What I Worked On

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